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Sandblasting Helmets

Sandblasting Helmets Sandblastting protecttion helmets comply with all international requirements and are CE-approved and certified. Another CE-approved feature is the nylon or leather cape attachment, which protects the upper body againstrebounding abrasive. Fresh air is supplied via a CE-approved breathing hose. A chinstrap keeps the helmet level with the eyes and maintains position regardless of…
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Sandblasting Machine Filter

The dust released during powder coating application must be extracted and filtered to protect employees and workers health and for the sake of your working condition. Cartridge filters using in powder coating application must be selected carefully, otherwise it will clogged very fast and increase companies maintenance costs. As Anadolu Sandblasting, we are able to…
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Sandblasting Gun

Anadolu Sandblasting produces products and materials from advanced boron carbide and high performance technical ceramics for industrial applications. Our preferred technical ceramics, ongoing research and market analysis allow us to systematically expand our portfolio of sandblasting guns and nozzles and offer products of the highest quality. Boron carbide is one of the hardest engineering materials…
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Heavy-duty Sandblasting Overall

Heavy-duty Sandblasting Overall Blasting overalls are an indicator that protection and comfort complement each other in sandblasting. Many details of the blast overalls have been created for greater safety without sacrificing mobility, breathability and basic comfort. Our blasting overalls is made of durable, soft cotton fitted with high quality suede leather parts. This parts of…
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