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Çelik Grit

Steel Grit

Chilled cast iron angular is particularly suitable for processing metallic surfaces in pressure blasting machines. Due to its hardness and high carbon content, chilled cast iron repeatedly breaks into sharp-edged particles, which leads to a very high abrasive performance with short blasting times.

aluminyum oksit beyaz

White Fused Alumina

Description White fused alumina, also known as white electrocorundum, is an abrasive material produced mineralally while fusing alumina in an electric arc furnace. White fused alumina is an abrasive material with the highest purity among materials based on alumina Al2O3. In comparison with brown fused alumina, it is more homogenous in terms of chemical composition,…
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Cam Küre

Glass Beads

Description Glass beads also known as glass microbeads are one of the most popular and pure, mineral, non-metallic abrasives. Dust generated in abrasive blasting is free of respirable crystalline silica (SiO2) and does not cause a hazard to workers and the environment. Glass beads are reusable abrasive. As a filler glass beads lower the shrinkage…
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Garnet Sand

Description Garnet, is a universal abrasive used in compressed air dry- and wet-blasting applications. Garnet does not emit sparks while hitting the metal surface, does not produce static electric charges. Garnet grains are multi sharp-edged, which gives it higher cuting effective ness than sand or slag. Garnet sand is a mineral and iron-free product which…
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