Garnet Sand

Garnet Sand

Garnet, is a universal abrasive used in compressed air dry- and wet-blasting applications. Garnet does not emit sparks while hitting the metal surface, does not produce static electric charges. Garnet grains are multi sharp-edged, which gives it higher cuting effective ness than sand or slag. Garnet sand is a mineral and iron-free product which has universal uses. As an abrasive sand, its main area of use is high-pressure water jet cuting and filtration material. In addition, many customers use garnet sand for cleanup zinc-plated parts, for cleaning building exteriors, for jean blasting. Garnet sand is used over and over again because of its sharp and self-regenera ng edges. Brown fused alumina; It does not contain respirable free silica (SiO2). Our company carries out the production and sales of the world-famous Indian Garnet and Australian Garnet. Our company’s expert technical team will be happy to assist you.

Application Areas;

Dry and Wet sandblasting, surface cleaning, smooth and fine sandblasting, Metal & marble & granite & glass & plastic high pressure water jet cutting, Metal & Wood & Plastic precision surface cleaner, Other water jet cutting technology, Wet sandblasting, Filtration material, Textile jean sandblasting Glass & mirror sandblasting, Refinery sandblasting, Silo and Storage Tank cleaning, Historical artifact sandblasting, Oil and Natural Gas pipeline sandblasting, Wood sandblasting, Plastic sandblasting, Automobile sandblasting, Kitchen equipment sandblasting, Medical – Dental – Denture sandblasting, Defense industry, Ships – Yacht blasting and is used in similar industries.

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