What is sandblasting

What is sandblasting

Sandblasting is the process of hardening and cleaning by forcing sand particles at high speeds using compressed air along the surface. There are two types of sandblasting machines: “Vacuum” / “Suction” ”and“ Pressure ”Sandblasting Systems There are two basic types of sandblasting machines: Sandblasting Cabinets and Portable Sandblasting Systems.

A sandblasting system consists of four basic components: air supply, sand blasting cabinet, dust collector and spraying medium. The air source is usually bottled gas or an air compressor. The dust collector removes dust from the dust collector while holding the blasted object. The materials used in sandblasting, whether or not sand, are called sandblasting media.

Sandblasting can quickly and efficiently remove paint, rust and debris from oxidation of materials. Sandblasting can also be used to change the state of the metal surface, such as removing scratches or casting marks. Sandblasting as a cleaning method has long been used extensively.

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